Best Posting Times On Instagram In 2022 (2023)

Have you ever shared a fantastic post with the hopes of getting massive engagements, only to have nothing happen? Worse still, your post receives fewer likes than usual?

While the issue isn’t always easy to pinpoint, if your captions, hashtags, and branding are on point, the problem could be when and how often you’re posting.

Several business profiles have suffered the same fate because they overlook this essential aspect of the Instagram growth equation.

The idea is simple: your post should go live when most of your audience is on Instagram and ready to connect with it.

So, what’s the best time to post on Instagram? How do you determine your optimum time to share on the app? And what impacts does your posting time have on your engagement?

The answers are not as straightforward as you think. In this post, we answer all these questions. So, keep reading if you want to find out.

Why Does Your Posting Time On Instagram Matter, Anyway?

The Instagram algorithm has changed. The former algorithm prioritised the most recent posts. Now, it doesn’t do this anymore.

While the timing of publication is undoubtedly important, it is far from the only consideration. These three factors largely determine the ranking of a post:

  • Recency: Instagram emphasises the most current posts in feeds. As such, if you share a post now, it’ll rank higher than posts that are days or weeks old.
  • Interest: Posts with similar material to what you’ve previously shown an interest in will appear at the top of your feeds.
  • Relationship: Posts and accounts with which you have previously interacted on Instagram rank higher in your feed.

Because recency is a major factor in a post’s ranking on Instagram, posting at the appropriate time is essential.

Think of it this way.

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The more people see your post once you post it, the more engagement it gets within the first hour of posting. Meanwhile, the more attention a post gets, the more Instagram promotes it and makes it visible to more people.

The crucial lesson? If you post when your audience is most engaged on Instagram, they will be more likely to quickly engage with your content on their feeds.

Here’s an effective hack: To take advantage of the recency factor, post more frequently on the platform during “peak” times. You increase the chances of your post appearing in feeds when you do this.

This ushers us into our next crucial point…

How to Find the Best Time to Post on Instagram

Yes, there are a handful of studies suggesting the best Instagram posting times. However, we’ve discovered that testing and collecting your own data is preferable to sticking to a set of “top times” to post on Instagram.

Instagram is evolving from a broadcasting platform to a one-on-one engagement hub. As such, you must post according to how your own audience uses social media. This is the only way to reach and deliver a personalized experience to your followers.

For example, a clothing brand and a pet brand will have different optimal posting times. Why? They cater to different audiences.

Likewise, irrespective of your business niche, knowing who your audience is should be your top focus. To do this, consider the following questions regarding your target audience:

  • What are their main concerns?
  • How do they react to your posts?
  • When do they interact with your brand, and how do they do so?
  • How do they get on social media? (Phones? laptops?)
  • When are they most likely to be online?

Now, let’s get right into how to find your own best time to post on Instagram

  1. New to Instagram? Make Smart Guesses

No need to worry if you’re taking on a new Instagram page and don’t have data from previous posts to go by. You can launch your profile by making a few educated assumptions.

Think about when your target audience is likely to be online and active. This is one scenario where studies on the best time to post on social media come in handy.

(Video) The BEST Time To Post on Instagram To Go Viral (ALGORITHM UPDATE 2022)

For example, research shows that when you post earlier in the day, your post will get less competition. This is so because people post between 9 AM-1 PM every day.

As such, you can tap into the traffic from users during their first daily scroll. And it doesn’t matter that people don’t see your post immediately.

Extra Tip: If you know who your target audience is and where they live, you can use that knowledge to determine your ideal posting time. For instance, If you’re a local business in Toronto, only post when people in the city are likely to be awake.

  1. Create a Posting Schedule

Once you’ve made a few educated guesses, it’s time to put them to the test. You should post at those specific times a few times to effectively test your assumptions.

You can easily experiment with your publishing times over the course of a few weeks if you use a content scheduling application like Later. Alternatively anInstagram bot may be efficientto find the proper time for posting and even can get a better engagement.

Don’t forget to plan captions as well. While at it, use line breaking on Instagram to amp up your caption appeal.

  1. Learn From Your Analytics

After you’ve accumulated a few weeks’ worth of data, start analyzing your findings. Sort your posts by your target metric, such as impressions, likes, or engagement.

Now, check to see when the most popular posts were published and whether any of the times keep popping up for your most popular posts. Make a note of the times your post got the most engagement and consider them your best times to share posts on Instagram

  1. Keep Experimenting

You should have a solid understanding of what your best and worst posting times are by now. With this information in mind, adjust your posting schedule. Keep the good posting times, discard the bad ones, and experiment with a couple more.

As your following expands, you may find that your optimal time to post on Instagram changes. It’s also possible that it won’t change at all.

Whatever the case, you can repeat this timing experiment occasionally. This way, you’ll keep up with how your audience’s behavior changes.

This is important: Instagram Business profiles have access to a special functionality called “insights.” This feature provides access to user engagement data such as location, number of likes, demographics, etc.

If you have a business profile and have been using your Instagram account for a while, you don’t need to follow the steps above. Head straight to your insights and analyze the existing data there.

(Video) The BEST Time To Post on Instagram To Go VIRAL in 2022 (not what you think)

Moving on…

How Often Should You Post on Instagram In 2022

Rather than focusing on how often you should post on Instagram, your goal should be to publish as much awesome content as possible. Because Instagram is such a visual platform, it’s tough to make a hasty post, like you might on Twitter.

Therefore, an attempt to post more times than you can handle daily will only result in you putting out low-quality content. And you know, this wouldn’t tell well on your brand.

So, do you only have time to post once a week? That’s all right.

Several pieces of research support that posting once a day is ideal. However, if you can, feel free to publish up to three times each day. The catch? You have to stay consistent. Choose a schedule and stick to it.

When deciding how often to post, you should consider the following factors:

  • Your Objectives

Most brands set a goal to increase their followers on Instagram. While that’s a worthwhile goal, your brand will benefit more when you focus on engagement.

Think about it. It’s the engagement that really counts. If your brand has 50k followers but only 1000, that’s a sign that your audience is losing interest in you. Your engagement is what you should improve.

  • The Size Of Your Account

In general, smaller accounts are advised to post more often. You should post up to twice every day if you only have a few thousand followers.

When smaller accounts provide high-quality material that people appreciate, the algorithm will promote your account to a larger audience, increasing your reach and, as a result, your engagement rate.

  • Your Audience

It only makes sense that you put your audience into consideration when deciding on your Instagram post frequency. Is your audience online a lot? If yes, posting often is appropriate.

(Video) Best TIME to Post REELS on Instagram (2022)

Whatever you do, always give value. If you ever feel compelled to share something of inferior quality only to fill your feed, don’t. The Instagram algorithm has a way of detecting bad content. And you may be penalized if your profile’s engagement and impressions consistently decline.

Tip: Instagram has released a slew of new content capabilities, all of which you should take advantage of if you haven’t already. Instagram Reels and IGTV, in addition to standard feed posts and stories, can be tremendous growth opportunities for your business.

Putting It Together

Don’t get too caught up in the numbers. Your mental health and producing high-quality content that provides actual value to your audience should always take precedence over quantity.

There is no “perfect” social media posting time for everyone. Nonetheless, there is an appropriate amount for your brand and organizational capabilities. Use statistics and studies as a jumping-off point for gaining ideas and experiment with your own account to see what holds true.

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    What is the perfect timing to post on Instagram? ›

    So, around 7-8 a.m. can be a great time to post in the morning. Another time when people are often on their phones is when they take their lunch break. Posting around 11-1 p.m., when people are likely to be breaking for lunch, can help ensure that your post will make it closer to the top of their feed.

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    Under Insights, you can then click to view data broken down by content, activity, and audience. Select the Audience tab to see data on your followers, including when they access Instagram, as well as their location, age range, and gender. You can toggle between hours and days to view their most active times.

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    How do I fix my Instagram algorithm?
    1. Create relevant content (keep up with trends)
    2. Post when your audience is online.
    3. Use the right hashtags.
    4. Post carousels to your feed.
    5. Frequently post Reels.
    6. Try out new content formats and features as soon as they come out.
    7. Write long captions.

    Why am I getting no likes on Instagram? ›

    A low reach could mean that you need to assess your hashtag performance, time of post, and the type of content you shared. These are 3 things that could unveil why your post has received less engagement and why it is being suppressed by Instagram. The higher your reach is, the more impressions you will get.

    What time are most people on Instagram? ›

    What famous industry data studies teach us is the best time to post on Instagram
    • Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.–4 p.m.
    • Sunday: 8 AM – 2 PM (Though engagement is generally low on this day)
    • Monday: 11 AM – 2 PM.
    • Tuesday: 10 AM – 3 PM, *7 PM.
    • Wednesday: 7 AM – 4 PM (Engagement peaks at 11AM – 2PM)
    3 Nov 2022

    Does posting time matter on Instagram? ›

    Yes, it matters. With recency being a major factor in ranking a post on Instagram feeds, posting when people are most available to see your post is very important. It ensures that you appear in maximum feeds and retain higher engagement rates.

    What is the best time to post on social media 2022? ›

    Summary: The best times to post to social media in 2022 are 7:00 PM, 3:15 PM, and 8:41 AM in your target audience's time zone. The best hourlong periods to post on social media are 9:00 AM, 7:00 PM, and 10:00 AM in your target audience's time zone.

    What is the best time to post reels? ›

    If you need a straightforward answer, the best time to post your reels is between 9 AM to 12 PM on Monday to Thursday. Here's a quick breakdown of the best time to post Instagram Reels according to Influencer Marketing Hub. 6 AM, 10 AM, and 10 PM.

    Is 6pm a good time to post on Instagram? ›

    Best time of day to post on Instagram

    The best time to post on Instagram is between 6pm and 9pm. Content posted between 6pm and 9pm got the highest engagement rate, but in general, evenings are a pretty safe bet, as engagement remains on the high side right through to midnight.

    How do I get more real followers? ›

    Here are ten powerful ways to drive real followers and engagement on Instagram.
    1. Optimize your bio. ...
    2. Find the best time for you to post on Instagram. ...
    3. Post regularly and dynamically. ...
    4. Become familiar with the Instagram algorithm. ...
    5. Showcase your brand voice. ...
    6. Write amazing captions. ...
    7. Use smart hashtags.
    13 Oct 2022

    How do I grow my Instagram overnight? ›

    Here is How to Grow 100+ Instagram Followers Overnight
    1. Make sure that your account has been switched to a business account. ...
    2. Change your bio information to help you become more discoverable. ...
    3. Follow the hashtags you use when posting. ...
    4. Seek like minded pages that you can connect with.
    4 Mar 2022

    How do you boost a post on Instagram? ›

    How to boost an Instagram post
    1. Go to your profile.
    2. Below the post's image, tap Boost.
    3. Fill in the details of your ad by setting things like Goal (what results you'd like from this ad), Audience (who you want to reach), Budget (how much you want to spend daily) and Duration (how long you want your ad to run).

    How many hashtags should I use on Instagram? ›

    The consensus is that about 11 hashtags is a good number to start with. But the most common number of hashtags to use on Instagram is between 3 and 5. You'll need to do some testing to determine what works best for your particular business.

    Why has my reach dropped on Instagram 2022? ›

    Over the last few years, I've noticed a significant drop in my impressions, engagement, and number of new followers. The reason: Instagram's 2022 Algorithm. Thanks to the last few updates, only 10% of your followers are able to see your post.

    Can hashtags go viral? ›

    By using relevant hashtags, you can reach a larger audience and get more Instagram popularity for your content. In this article, we will discuss how to use Instagram hashtags to achieve viral success! We'll also provide some tips on how to find the right hashtags for your brand.

    How do you get noticed on Instagram 2022? ›

    How to Get More Instagram Followers in 2022
    1. Curate your profile for a strong first impression.
    2. Tap into Instagram Reels.
    3. Optimize your post captions for search.
    4. Invest in your hashtag strategy.
    5. Host an Instagram giveaway.
    6. Partner with influencers and brands.
    7. Create highly-shareable content (including memes)
    19 Nov 2021

    What is shadow ban on Instagram? ›

    In general, shadowbanning refers to blocking a user's social media content in such a way that they are unaware that it's happening. So, if you get shadowbanned on Instagram, chances are you won't even know you've been hit. Your content will not appear in anyone's Instagram feeds unless they follow your profile.

    Why my followers are not increasing on Instagram? ›

    You are not consistent

    Posting more frequently generally results in more engagement and followers. It obviously takes more time, but it's worth creating more content, and scheduling it out for consistency.

    What is the golden hour on Instagram? ›

    What does golden hour mean on Instagram? Golden hour is the first hour after sunrise and the last hour before sunset and it is typically the best time for selfies and pics for Instagram. The sun is a soft glow at this time and makes everything and everyone look better.

    Should I Post 2 reels a day? ›

    You don't want to overload your followers' feeds with multiple reels a day, hoping that something lands with them. Create and post thoughtful and entertaining reels, but no more than once a day if you can help it.

    Should I post everyday on Instagram? ›

    “Daily posting will grow followers 4x faster than posting less than once a week. Makes sense: more visibility,” says Brayden. To keep that regular content coming, it's a good idea to create a content calendar to stay organized.

    Do hashtags increase likes? ›

    Hashtags help you reach more people in your target audience and ultimately get more likes on Instagram.

    Is 3 pm a good time to post on Instagram? ›

    Between 10 A.M. & 3 P.M. is the best time of day to post on Instagram. However, the proportion of engagement you get also depends on the day of the week you post. Generally, the best time of day to post on Instagram is before work, during lunch; & after work.

    Does time of posting affect likes? ›

    "Like, should I post it at 5 o'clock? It's really all about your audience, when your audience is online. Everyone's audience is very different," he says. "Time is not a factor that we use in terms of ranking."

    Is it good to post at 3pm on Instagram? ›

    According to Influencer Marketing Hub, the best time to post your content is on Thursday between 2pm and 3pm. Other great times to post your content include weekday mornings (6am to 9am) and weekday evenings (after 5pm). This is because people typically check their social media accounts before and after work.

    What time is the best time to post? ›

    Best Times to Post on Social Media Overall
    • Best times to post on social media overall: Tuesdays through Thursdays at 9 a.m. or 10 a.m.
    • Best days to post on social media: Tuesdays through Thursdays.
    • Worst days to post on social media: Sundays.

    How do I grow on social media 2022? ›

    10 Social Media Tips to Start 2022 Out Right
    1. Go Live More Often. ...
    2. Get Your Audience Involved. ...
    3. Don't Overlook Micro-influencers. ...
    4. Prioritize Community Engagement. ...
    5. Start Using TikTok. ...
    6. Try Pinterest Ads. ...
    7. Consider Social Media Customer Service. ...
    8. Stick to Short Videos.
    20 Dec 2021

    Can I post reels at night? ›

    Thursday: 9 AM, 12 AM, 7 PM. Friday: 5 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM. Saturday: 11 AM, 7 PM, 8 PM. Sunday: 7 AM, 8 AM, 4 PM.

    How many hashtags are in a reel? ›

    Like regular posts on Instagram, the limit is 30 hashtags for Reels. Unfounded rumors and Instagram myths often circulate claiming it's best to just use 3-5 hashtags rather than all 30, but if you're not you could be missing out on opportunities to rank in top posts and on explore pages for different hashtags.

    Why my reels don't get views? ›

    Another excellent way to increase views on your reels is to use relevant hashtags. By adding targeted hashtags to your reel, you increase the chances of more users watching your Instagram video. Make sure to add a maximum of 10 hashtags only. Anything more than this can be considered as spam by Instagram's algorithm.

    Is 4pm a good time to post? ›

    Sprout Social's best times to post on Instagram come from a study on over 20,000 of its users' accounts. Its findings are opposite Later's, as it takes the traditional approach of posting while engagement is high.
    DayBest timeSecond best time
    Sunday9am – 4pm8am; 4 – 6pm
    7 more rows
    1 Dec 2021

    Is 4pm a bad time to post on Instagram? ›

    Looking at the platform as a whole the best time to post from Monday to Friday is from 9 AM to 4 PM. But try to post your content with the best Instagram Captions. Every day, from 4 PM to 6 PM, the engagement levels drop down comparatively. During the mornings, a bit of activity is noticed.

    Is Instagram still popular 2022? ›

    There are 1.3 billion Instagram users worldwide in 2022. The average post on Instagram contains 10.7 hashtags. 70.8 percent of the billion monthly active users on the Instagram app are under the age of 35. Instagram users spend an average of 53 minutes per day.

    Is Instagram popular in 2022? ›

    How many Instagram users are there in 2022? Instagram is one of the world's top social platforms, but just how many people use Instagram today? Based on its global advertising audience reach numbers, Instagram has at least 1.440 billion users around the world in July 2022.

    When should you post on social media 2022? ›

    The best times to post to social media in 2022 are 7:00 PM, 3:15 PM, and 8:41 AM in your target audience's time zone. The best hourlong periods to post on social media are 9:00 AM, 7:00 PM, and 10:00 AM in your target audience's time zone.

    How do I get more followers? ›

    10 Ways to increase Instagram followers
    1. Optimize your Instagram account. ...
    2. Keep a consistent content calendar. ...
    3. Schedule Instagram posts in advance. ...
    4. Get partners and brand advocates to post your content. ...
    5. Avoid fake Instagram followers. ...
    6. Showcase your Instagram everywhere. ...
    7. Post content followers want. ...
    8. Get the conversation started.
    23 Jun 2017

    Who is popular in Instagram? ›

    As of 7 November 2022 the most-followed person is footballer Cristiano Ronaldo with over 493 million followers, and the most-followed woman is reality television star Kylie Jenner with over 371 million followers.

    Which topic is best for Instagram? ›

    Customer photos (ask your customers to take a photo and tag you in their Instagram posts so you can repost their content) Testimonials. Customer reviews. Share behind the scene stories (example: if you are a wedding photographer, you can share a photo and talk about how it was to be behind the scenes for this client)

    How many posts Instagram per day? ›

    How often to post on Instagram. We'll break this down further and even get into Instagram's different content features, but the general rule is 1.5 – 3 times per day. This is the amount that most major brands on Instagram use, which means it won't work for everyone.

    Who is No 1 Instagram in World 2022? ›

    In this article, we have compiled a list that contains the top 50 accounts with the most followers on Instagram. As of July 27, 2022, the most-followed individual is Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, and the woman who has more followers than any other is American reality TV star, Kylie Jenner.

    How many Instagram accounts have 50k followers? ›

    46.6% of Instagram users have less than 1,000 followers.

    Around 33.5% have between 1k and 10k, 9.8% have between 10k and 50k and 2.7% between 50k and 100k. Around 5.5% have a follower base of up to a million, and about 2% of Instagramers are mega influencers with over 1 million followers.

    What is the future for Instagram? ›

    In the future of Instagram, business accounts will be able to share shoppable reels; There will be new ads campaigns in the form of Instagram reels; Instagram reels turn out to be an excellent place for influencer marketing and getting sponsors; And there will be new editing tools on Instagram reels.

    What are good times to post? ›

    According to our 2021 survey of 300+ marketers, the best times to post on social media – across all industries and platforms – are 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.. The best days to post are typically on weekends, specifically Saturdays.


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