2006 Cold Spring Cabble Tourney


January 13-15, 2006

Cold Spring, MN

25th Annual Cabble Tournament


Bucks finish tied for 5th out of 12 teams


The Bucks traveled to home town Cold Spring for the second time to participate in the 25th Annual Cabble tournament.  The team was a bit slim, but we wanted to give it a try anyway.  Four of the Bucks in the tourney were within spitting distance of their childhood homes.  Auz hosted the team for soup, sandwiches, beer and wine on Saturday.  The Leithers hosted the team for spaghetti dinner, beers, hot tub and a place to crash on Saturday night.  We couldn't be more appreciative of the hospitality.  The team watched the exciting Indy / Pit game at the Side Bar on Sunday and then headed back to the city.  We'll definitely be back for this one.


Game 1, Sat, 1:00 pm:  Bucks defeat Granite 4-3 in a nail biter 16 minute overtime.  Alan had the first goal, Brian had a sweet unassisted goal and Alan put in the 3rd with only 3 minutes remaining in regulation.  We called our timeout, kept our power play line on the rink and we thought we had this one locked up.  But with only 20 seconds left on the clock, the home town team stole the ball, ran it down behind our net, passed out to the point and put in a goal to send the game to overtime.  The Bucks controlled the game in overtime and gave up one very good chance for the Granite team.  Alan finally knocked in the winning goal from Walfoort and completed his hat trick.  Nice work Alan!


Game 2, Sat, 7:00 pm.  Bucks lose to Cold Spring Chiro 0-3.  This team had a few very good players and hustled to the ball well.  They had a full line of subs and ran harder than we did.  The liked to dump and chase and we turned the ball over a few too many times in our defensive zone.  Chiro went ahead to win the tourney.


Game 3, Sun, 10:00 am.  Bucks lose to Shorty's 0-3.  The Bucks played with only 2 subs on this (I'm not even going to count my attempt at playing).  We were pressing too much and turned the ball over too much in this game.  Shorty's scored on breakaways and rarely controlled the ball in our zone.  We probably should have done better in this game but we couldn't get anything to hit the net.  Shorty's went ahead to lose the next game to Mad Jacks.


Thanks to the fans!


1st Place:  Cold Spring Chiro

2nd Place:  Geez

3rd Place:  Mad Jacks

4th Place:  Shorty's

5th Place:  Bucks and Granite


Overall record:  1-2

Goals for:  4

Goals against:  9



Player Gms Gls Ast Pts
Alan Torborg 3 3 0 3
Brian Leither 3 1 0 1
Jason Westrum 3 0 1 1
Matt Walfoort 3 0 1 1
Scott Dahl 3 0 0 0
Matt Lindquist 1 0 0 0
Andrew Lancette 2 0 0 0
Kevin Nash 3 0 0 0
Jessi Nikko 3 0 0 0
Randy Torborg 2 0 0 0



It takes about 90 minutes from downtown Minneapolis - but plan on 1 hr and 45 to be safe.

Take I94 west for about 60 miles to exit 164, which is the 3rd St. Cloud
exit.  It is highway 23 and the exit also says Paynesville.
Go west on highway 23 for about 15 miles to the town of Cold Spring.
Cross the river in Cold Spring and then take a right at the stoplight
onto Red River Ave.
Go north on Red River Ave for about 4 blocks to the next stoplight and
take a left on Main Street.
Go west on Main Street for about 6 blocks and take a left on 10th Ave
South (you will come to a T at 10th Ave S).
Go south 2 blocks and the park will be on your left.